Monuments in the Arnhem area

In the Market Garden area several monuments have been erected in memory of the events of the past. This is a list of the monuments in the Arnhem area. Click on a link more information, including a photograph, of the monument. The locations of (most of) the monuments are available as GPS data.

Monument Location Unit/In memory of
Airborne Monument Airborne plein Battle of Arnhem
Memorial plate at bridge John Frost Bridge 1st British Airborne Division
Memorial plate at bridge John Frost Bridge (at the ramp) John D Frost/2nd Batallion Parachute Regiment
Jacob Groenewoud park Rijnkade/Oranjewachtstraat Jacob Groenewoud, Dutch officer
War memorial West-Arnhem Nassaustraat (near Zwarteweg) Battle of Arnhem
Eusebius Church Kerkplein 2nd platoon, 9th Field Company
Airborne monument Utrechtselaan (across from the Airborne Museum) Sherwood Rangers (XXX Corps)
21st Independent Parachute Company Monument crossroad Utrechsteweg/Station 21st Independent Parachute Company
Airborne Cemetery
Van Limburg Stirumweg 1st British Airborne Div/1st Polsih Ind Para Bgd
Stone of Gratitude
Entrance at Airborne Cemetery Children of the region
Air Despatchers Monument
Van Limburg Stirumweg (200 meters from cemetery) Air despatchers
Jack Baskeyfield Tree
junction Benedendorpseweg/Acacialaan South Staffordshire Regiment
Monument for the people of Gelderland
Airbornemuseum Hartenstein People of Gelderland
Memorial stone
Old Church, Benedendorpseweg British and Polish soldiers, Dutch civilians
4th Dorseth Regiment Memorial
Wall of restaurant, Westerbouwing 4th Battalion Dorseth Regiment
Polish Airborne Monument Polenplein/Plac Polski 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade
7th Battalion The Hampshire Regiment Memorial Drielse Rijndijk 7th Battalion The Hampshire Regiment
Remembrance plate 5th Battalion The Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry Wall of Church "Dash to Driel"
Engineers Monument Drielse Rijndijk British (260 + 553 Fd Coys) and Canadian (20 + 23 Fd Coys) Engineers
Ginkel Heath Monument Ginkel Heath Airlandings 17 en 18 September 1944
Airborne monument Heelsumseweg 1st British Airborne Div/1st Polsih Ind Para Bgd
Airborne monument Bennekomseweg 1st British Airborne Div
Heteren Crossroads Randwijkse Rijndijk E Coy, 506th PIR, US 101st AD
101st Airborne Monument Drielse Rijndijk 101st US Airborne Division